It is necessary to rethink the business environment of São Leopoldo

This phrase synthesizes the large analysis made by the director of ACIST-SL on october 26, during the presentation of the ninth edition of the Quarterly Socioeconomic Bulletin, wich theme was Economic Development. The survey, which showed that the level of economic activity fell by 15.2%, the loss of 1,845 jobs – mainly in the sectors of Commerce and Industry – and the closing of several commercial establishments, while the Technology sector maintained stability in jobs. Business leaders warned of the need to deeply evaluate the city’s economic matrix. “We need public-private projects for the municipality to promote a better investment environment and stimulate the local qualification of the workforce”, emphasizes the president of ACIST-SL, Siegfried Koelln.

Tecnosinos Director, Susana Kakuta, who also is the vice-president of Technology at ACIST-SL, emphasized the importance of the technological park to the result. ““The data shows how well the decision was made to change the city’s economic matrix and create a technological hub. After 20 years, it is possible to clearly see what this means for the city’s future ”.

Also, Susana understands that the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) can be seen as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, specially on formation of new talents. “At Tecnosinos we are engaged on a new movement of support to tranform young people of São Leopoldo in potential talents to the park, focusing on the IT area”.

The Bulletin data also show that the negative aspects of the closure of comercial stablishments since march of this year. From april to june, the comercial sector lost 741 jobs, staying behind of the industry sector, that suffered the impact of Deca factory closure, that happened in the end of 2019.

See the complete Quarterly Socioeconomic Bulletin here.

November 18, 2020