Tecnosinos provides global connection for large companies and startups from Rio Grande do Sul on the subject of Artificial Intelligence

Sweden Innovation Days will gather players of innovation from more than 10 countries.

Stablishing relations between the main actors of innovation around the world and erasing the development of collaborative projects with the use of artificial intelligence are the main objectivges of Seden Innovation Days. The global online event, which is free, takes place from November 17th to 19th. The Technological Park of São Leopoldo – Tecnosino, is the only brazilian park chosen as a partner for this event. The initiative aims to establish relationships with different hubs of innovation in the world, generating partnerships focused artificial intelligence.

Tecnosinos is one of the Brazilians parks with the biggest internationalization grid, trough the presence of global companies headquarters and startups in international markets. “We are proud to be the Brazilian technological park partner in this global innovation strategy. It means recognition for the work we do and recognition for the degree of excellence of the companies with which we interact ”, highlights the director of innovation at Unisinos and CEO of Tecnosinos, Susana Kakuta.

The project, that involves startups and leading companies from 10 countries in the search and offer of technological solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence, is a challenge and resignifies the relations of importance of the technology produced locally in a global market perspective. To Susana, it means putting the south startups in touch with big global demand on AI, and at the same time, proportionates acess to big local companies to wich is available the most innovative applied techologies in AI. “It’s a big and unique oportunity on global action, in a theme that carries the future. We won all: our 10 startups that are part of the Rio Grande do Sul innovation ecosystem and our large demanding innovative companies in this area”.

According to the state secretary for Innovation, Science and Technology, Luís Lamb, the partnership between Tecnosinos and Sweden is the result of the governmental work mission to the country, coordinated by Sict in November 2019, which also passed through Israel and Estonia. The destinations were chosen because they are considered the most advanced in the world in terms of strategic digital technologies, economic development based on knowledge and business innovation. “Through the Strategic Partnerships program, we achieve this articulation and the consequent internationalization of the gaucho innovation environments. We continue to strengthen these connections in order to consolidate our State as a reference in innovation, science and technology at a global level ”, says Lamb.

The event is an opportunity for networking between companies and startups, in addition to getting to know the Swedish innovation ecosystem and the possibilities for collaboration between participating countries.Innovative clusters from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea and the USA join forces with Sweden’s leading centers, such as Automation Region, Create Business Incubator, Kista Science City, LEAD, Lindholmen Science Park AB, Linköping. Science Park, Minc, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Sting, THINGS and Uminova Innovation will co-host. The complete program is available on the event’s official website: https://swedeninnovationdays.confetti.events/

Knowledge exchange

Sweden Innovation Days will be an opportunity to exchange experiences between companies and startups.From Brazil, Arezzo & Co, Biosense, Cowmed, Eagle Care, HT Micron, Indeorum, Meta, Metal Work, Optim, Pricey Survey, Raks Tecnologia Agrícola, Randon, Saipos and StarGrid participate.

For Arezzo & Co’s IT Director, Rodrigo Ribeiro, the event will be an excellent opportunity to access a worldwide ecosystem of startups and market professionals.“We often have problems with the company that can be solved through open innovation projects and collaboration with other existing solutions. We are looking to innovate ”.

Ribeiro believes in an approach to Unisinos’ Innovation Ecosystem. “We see Tecnosinos with a good eye. vWe believe in the union of the university, technical knowledge, with theories and ideas to a practical problem that we have in the organization ”.

November 23, 2020
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