Communication and Relationship with the Media is the theme of the 14th bootcamp of the BRDE Labs Program

Realized last Thursday, 19, the 14th bootcamp of the BRDE Labs Program had as its theme Communication and Relationship with the Media. For the online chat, the accelerated and other program partners counted on the presence of the journalist on Rádio Gaúcha, GZH, Zero Hora, RBS TV, and 102.3 FM, Giane Guerra.

Giane has extensive experience reporting facts related to the universe of business, economics, and personal finance. Initially, she shared her personal trajectory, academic background and professional experience, which culminated in her being one of the main reporters in the state, both for the scope of her articles and the importance of the subject matter.“When I created my blog, I wanted to replicate the information I was reporting and I soon realized that each means of communication has its own type of content and approach. It was a valuable lesson not only for journalists but for entrepreneurs who seek to communicate effectively with the market ”.

Another important learning shared by Giane was related to the centrality of the public to his work. According to the journalist: “My relationship with my audience is my greatest asset”. Based on this perception, she said that businesses seeking to communicate with the media should keep in mind the interest of the public (and not the company itself) when looking for a vehicle or journalist.” Businesses need to understand that, in order to have a good relationship with the media, it is necessary to remember that the story is done for the public and not the source”, he explains.

The importance of focusing on the public was evidenced when Giane affirmed that the audience is informed and is the main source of agendas, reinforcing the need to look at the public and understand that it’s from him that the necessary insights for effective communication come out, something that goes for journalism and for different companies. Likewise, the journalist says that it’s necessary to simplify the messages and put herself in the position of the audience, as a way of ensuring that what is said is effectively understood.

Giane also shared a series of articles published in the media where she works. She made an analysis of each subject addressed, commenting on the writing and image resources that are behind each subject, what works, and what to avoid when communicating with the market.

The bootcamp was attended by accelerated startups in the BRDE Labs Program – 2Metric, Besouro Agency, BioIn, DigiFarmz, Elysios, Essent Agro, Faba, Insumo Fácil, Palma Sistemas, Polvo Spot, Optim and Talos – with representatives from BRDE, from VENTIUR and three of the universities that make up the Alliance for Innovation, UFRGS, PUCRS, and Unisinos.

November 23, 2020