9th edition of the Roser Prize seeks to transform ideas into businesses

The event dedicated to innovation entrepreneurship was officially opened on the November 21st

The search for entrepreneurial solutions through research projects is one of the objectives of the 9th edition of the Padre Francisco Xavier Roser SJ Prize for Innovation Entrepreneurship. The online multidisciplinary marathon was officially opened last Saturday, 21st. The prize is promoted by the Unisinos University, through the Innovation and Technology Unit (Unitec) and the São Leopoldo Technological Park (Tecnosinos). It is aimed at high school, technical education, undergraduate and graduate students from all over the Rio Grande do Sul, in addition to teachers, Unisinos employees, and companies from Unitec/Tecnosinos.

The director of innovation for Unisinos and CEO of Tecnosinos, Susana Kakuta, pointed out that many Tecnosinos startups emerged from the Roser Prize. “This is not just a marathon of ideas, but futures. We want projects to become businesses in the future. Regardless of maturity, we must encourage and develop the best ideas for them to become companies ”.

The marathon, which runs until November 28th, has 43 participants, divided into 12 teams. One of the organizers of the award, the coordinator of the Tecnosinos Talent Program, Tassiane Kinetz, explained that the event is also a great opportunity to exchange experiences. “We will have market mentors. Some are part of startups that started as small companies. A lot of learning can come from this knowledge sharing ”.

During the marathon, the teams receive mentoring from market professionals and senior entrepreneurs (generation 50+), who will share their expertise, in addition to exploring this consumer market that grows exponentially with advances in the health area and, consequently, on the average life expectancy of the Brazilian population.

The entrepreneurial innovation consultant at Semente Negócios, Lorena Wendel, presented the concepts of innovation and startups, in addition to the methodology used in the marathon. “We want to help build a proposal for transformation for society”.

Exchange of experiences

After the initial presentation and details of the operation of the marathon, the co-founder of Faba Alimentos, Rodrigo Kayser Schwertner, told a little about the history of the startup and how they are dealing with the adversities resulting from the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

Semente Negócios’ corporate innovation consultant, André Bitencourt, highlighted the importance of dynamics for the growth process of projects and, also, of students. “Enjoy every moment to share ideas and knowledge. The marathon is a time of learning, growth, and exchange that we have with people who are looking to solve problems, with a purpose ”.

Created in 2012, the Roser Prize is an innovative, practical, and transdisciplinary entrepreneurial competition open to the community. It aims to promote technology-based entrepreneurship, by consolidating innovative business models, products, processes, or services in the following areas: information technology; automation and engineering; communication and digital convergence; health technologies; socio-environmental technologies.

Team awards

The three best projects will be awarded, within the evaluation criteria established in the announcement: Modeling, Team, Potential for Innovation, and Social Impact. The relationship between research, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the regional, national, and international scenario will also be considered.

The winning team of the competition will receive 6 months of free incubation at Unitec, aiming for the development of the entrepreneurial project, and a face-to-face extension course of up to 60 hours for each member at Unisinos. The second place receives 3 months of free incubation at Unitec and a face-to-face extension course of up to 60 hours for each member at Unisinos. The third-place receives 3 months of free incubation at Unitec and a face-to-face extension course of up to 60 hours for each member at Unisinos.

November 24, 2020
Destaque Tecnosinos