Incubation process

Do you have a startup or an idea and a business plan?
Are you already a newly-formed company and a technology-based innovator?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one of these questions, come and join the innovation environment of UNITEC, selected as the best incubator in the world by the Technopolis Foundation.

Here, your company will have the ideal environment in which to develop and innovate.

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Co-working area for entrepreneurs – Partner H2HUB

A single area, which you share with others. Ample support available for entrepreneurs with a business idea or a new product. PRE-INCUBATION is the ideal place to design your business and plan the development of your new market product, at a reasonable monthly cost. Also included in your monthly charge is access to advice, training and technical and scientific support for a future period in the Incubator.

With the help of the mentors and consultants from H2HUB, the entrepreneur will be able to:

  • Test the market and technical viability of your business project;
  • Produce a concise and consistent model of your business;
  • Understand the process and the options for setting up companies;
  • Develop an entrepreneurial culture and your business profile.

Duration: 4 to 6 months | Monthly Cost: BRL 300.00 | Package TTF + Financial Modelling, 2 Mentors (1 accounting) | Use of the co-working area, three times a week


Individual offices (UNITEC units)

Dedicated space for the exclusive use of your company, laid out to suit a new enterprise. The offices measure between 21m2 and 25m2, depending on availability and demand. The monthly cost is based on a charge per square meter.

UNITEC 1 – Unfurnished rooms so that the company can customize the space to meet the specific requirements of their business.

UNITEC 2 – Fully furnished networked office, enabling a quick start to business development – the Plug and Play model.

Duration: 3 to 4 years | Year 1: BRL 29.05/m2 monthly | Year 2: BRL 35.51/m2 monthly Year 3: BRL 43.04/m2 monthly (Reviewed by IGPM in March)



Hybrid option

Your company will take the same steps: implementing its business plan and new product development plan, with access to all the services offered by the Incubator. However, this option does not include renting physical space for the exclusive use of your business.

With this option, the company does not get the use of exclusive office space, but it does, however, have all the other rights and benefits of the on-site option. You have access to communal areas, meeting points, meeting rooms, labs, the loan of equipment, training opportunities, planning, monitoring and other services provided by the UNITEC building. Analysis on a case by case basis.

Duration: 2 to 3 years | Fixed monthly fee: BRL 269.00 (Reviewed by IGPM in March)

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