Roser Award highlights social impact

The competition sponsored by Tecnosinos in partnership with Sebrae/RS and Semente Negócios, awards technological-based startups during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, held at the Unisinos Porto Alegre campus.

Promoted annually, the Roser Award’s central focus was the discussion of the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives, elaborated by the United Nations (UN). In its eighth edition, 20 registered teams from different universities participated of the award that selects projects with potential for incubation at UNITEC.

The Roser Award winners have the opportunity to present their pitches to UNITEC’s examining board and, if approved, receive exemption during the incubation period of six months to the first place and three months to second and third places. The winners were selected by the participants themselves, who evaluated the projects and democratically elected their favorites, demonstrating the maturity of the participants’ profile and the evolution of the award.

As a result, the first place was the “Missão Diversão” (Mission Fun) project, which aims to sensitize couples to late adoption by connecting them with children through fun events. The second place was with the team “Girassol” (Sunflower), creator of a digital platform that connects socially-responsible people and companies to social projects. In third place there was a tie between “Ipet”, the inventor of an application for identification of vaccine control and animal health history, and “O Meu Propósito” (My Purpose), an educational mapping platform.

Formed by representatives of the incubator, Unisinos and invited companies, UNITEC’s examining board will take place on December 7th and the new startups’ incubation will begin in January. To Eduarda Sawaya, Tecnosinos Technical Project Management Analyst, the award strengthens a new profile of entrepreneur, focused on results for the company and for the collective. “The award represents an open door for the São Leopoldo Technology Park to startups with transforming and impact profile. It expands opportunities for young entrepreneurs, while at the same time, strengths the innovation ecosystem of UNITEC and Tecnosinos”, she emphasized.

December 07, 2018