Raks perfects its business vision in Silicon Valley

Winner of the Campus Mobile program in the Facilities category, startup incubated at UNITEC was awarded with an immersion in the world’s largest innovation pole.

Getting to know the Silicon Valley and experience the reality of technology giants is the dream of any entrepreneur – especially those linked to the innovation ecosystem. Represented by partner-founders Fabiane Kuhn, Guilherme Ramos and Vinícius Silveira, Raks, the creator of solutions for agribusiness, departure to this enriching journey in early-September due to its victory at Campus Mobile. Held by Instituto Claro Embratel, the initiative encourages entrepreneurship activities focused on the development of mobile solutions, recognizing university students or recent graduates.

With an intense schedule, the first two days of the trip included visits to the Brazilian Consulate, Startse, Udacity and to the Stanford University. Then the group had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Twitter and Facebook, as well as attend a startup event at RocketSpace, a technology-focused coworking. According to Fabiane, the experience in California has shown that time management is a key factor in achieving positive results. “At every visit, we could notice the maximum principle that time is money, so we should make the most of it, focusing on what’s really important to achieve our goals within the startup,” she affirms.

Within the knowledge acquired during the stay, the founding partner emphasizes the importance of different approaches to the company’s presentation during prospecting moments, adjusting the speech according to the public. “We must choose the words that lead to the point of importance of the audience we are interacting. In our case, when explaining Raks’ solution as something that facilitates the application of water in crops and also makes farmers more connected, most people in the audience lose interest. But by addressing it as a system for irrigation that will allow an increase in food production, everyone was excited, as this is a rising topic in Silicon Valley” she points out.

The transformative experience has given Raks’ young entrepreneurs an extra boost of courage, as they put everything they have learned into practice. “The thought of immediacy and sense of urgency in everything that moves the development of the project could be perceived in the American methodology and implemented in our startup. I felt challenged to do something really special to try to reach levels that big companies are”, adds Fabiane, emphasizing the possibility of the company’s international operation

December 06, 2018