Dexon invests in the IoT market

The technology solutions company plans to invest in digital certification homologations and focuses on reaching the annual goal of five million in 2019.

Developing products that integrate hardware, software and electronics, Dexon offers technology solutions with the innovation differential for the B2B market. Focused on niches such as digital certification, means of payment and IoT, the startup began its journey as many of the Silicon Valley companies did, in the backyard of its founder Rafael Carvalho, a computer technician and administrative manager by Unisinos. From its foundation in 2014 to the present day, the company has expanded its portfolio and today, incubated at UNITEC, plans its expansion.

With a team of five technicians from computers and electronics fields, in addition to Rafael and partner Roger Scherer, Dexon has in its strategic planning the development of products for specific demands of the most diverse markets. In the segments the company already serves, it foresees investments in homologations with ICP-Brasil to serve large players such as Serasa, Safeweb, among others, taking advantage of a favorable moment in which more systems, services and processes require the use of digital certificates.

Offering products such as tokens and digital readers, Dexon tracks the market growth, which according to information from the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI), counted between 2017 and 2018 more than 3.6 million digital certificates issued in Brazil, representing a growth of 10.87% over the previous year. “In order to meet this demand, we have not only increased our portfolio by 50%, we also aim to create at least two new products per year to serve the Brazilian market and start our international prospection,” says Rafael. “Our objective is the exponential expansion of our production to invest in a factory pole, in partnership with Tecnosinos, within the city of São Leopoldo, where everything started”, he concludes.

December 06, 2018