Webmeeting Design System: 5 steps you need to consider today to be successful tomorrow

Google, Apple, and Airbnb are some examples of companies that have implemented design systems techniques that are a reference worldwide. The tool allows design and development teams to work harmoniously integrated with more agility and autonomy.

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Some subjects that are going to be covered:

– Implementation of a design system through a practical approach.

– Share the experience of creating Amaro’s design system: How, in a simple way and with a small team, the company quickly gained value. What were the mistakes, successes and learning in the process.

🗣️ Speaker:

Fabrício Kassick

Graduated in Advertising by PUC RS and in Digital Game Design at Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul, he studied Game Marketing at ESPM and Gamification at the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently UX Design Lead at AMARO and has been part of companies such as Magazine Luiza, Geometry Global, among others.

Linkedin: https://bit.ly/36NBYSR

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October 16, 2020