9th edition of the Roser SJ Award for Innovation Entrepreneurship

Do you want to transform your research project ou business idea in a market solution? Then, prepare your team and participate of this multidisciplinar online marathon of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The 9th Edition of the Priest Francisco Xavier Roser SJ Award  for Innovation Entrepreneurship will happen from november 21 to 28 of 2020. Build a team of 3 to 5 members and transform your research or idea of new business in an entrepreneurial opportunity based on technology. Subscribes are free and can be realised till november 13. Limited spaces!

If you are a student from high school, technical education, graduation or postgraduate studies, professor or entrepreneur, come turn your project in a real opportunity of business with mentors, market experts and a team scpecialized in developing new businesses based on economy and innovation knowledge.

Are you insterested? Run, subscribe your teams and apply for a free incubation on Unitec, extensions courses at Unisinos and more!

More informations at: https://www.tecnosinos.com.br/program/premio-roser/

November 16, 2020