Faba - Changing the World from Grain to Grain

Faba is a foodtech startup that develops ingredients for the food industry. We present a bold challenge with the purpose of breaking barriers and exceeding expectations. We believe that there is a better way to feed the planet. Our mission is to change the world from grain to grain, made directly from plant-based ingredients 🌱.

By changing from an animal product to a vegetable product, we created a solution that can solve part of today’s major problems, such as climate change, after all, we only have one planet Earth, right? 🌎

From this legume we arrive at a product with emulsifying and sparkling properties, from a natural source with great scalability potential. Our product has properties similar to those found in chicken eggs, however, differently, the proteins found in chickpeas are heat resistant and can be repeatedly frozen, thawed, heated or cooled.

February 03, 2020
Faba - Changing the World from Grain to Grain

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