Talentos Program lunches new modalities and inedited partnerships

Aiming to provide the population with an experience of TECNOSINOS’ innovation ecosystem and access to work opportunities within the companies in the park, the Talentos Program has perfected itself with the new segments Talentos Inclusion and Talentos Women

The visit of a group of elementary school students from the Ivoti Institute began the annual program of the Talentos School Program, held on April 12. The students, who had the opportunity to get to know the Park, were also able to talk to Mike Rodrigues, CEO of the startup Adtools, in addition to participating in the workshops “Behavior & Posture at work” with Professor Luciane Gottschalk and “Ethical Hacking: A Practical Introduction to Invasion Tests” taught by Professor Daniel Marcon, both promoted by a new partnership with Unisinos Conecta. With a high level of engagement and interest from the students, according to Delmara Bohrer, coordinator of the Talentos Program, the activities were a success. “In 2011, when the project was launched, we only look at high school and technical courses from local private and public institutions. From last year on, we felt the need to include elementary students in the Talentos Program, to meet the demands of both market and community, supported by new partnerships”, she explains.

In 2019, the Talentos Program will begin to operate with new modalities, entitled Talentos Inclusion and Talentos Women, with activities promoted by Tecnosinos companies, such as the mini Hackaton, to be carried out by the H2Hub coworking, and Snap programming workshops, under the care of SAP Labs. Aiming to attract talents to Tecnosinos’ companies and new students to Unisinos, the program promotes both the employability of the region and the companies’ access to qualified human capital.

Talentos Inclusion, focused on attracting people with special needs to the Park, will receive support from SENAC São Leopoldo and SENAI Esteio. While Talento Women will be supported by the Equality Lounge, a space created in a partnership with SAP to carry out activities focused on women inclusion in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. In addition to all, a partnership with SENAC will provide recruitment of the interested public and provide training in technology for the general community, according to Delmara. “We want to facilitate access to job vacancies through technical and human preparation, promoting opportunities that are aligned with the values ​​of society,” she concludes.

April 29, 2019
Programa Talentos