SBPA Simulators invests in its internationalization with equipment homologated in the USA

Flight Simulator Specialist, the company based in Tecnosinos is the only Brazilian manufacturer to have a device certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

With a portfolio of 60 installed equipments used by the main national institutions of aeronautical training, the SBPA has even more reasons to celebrate. Thanks to the homologation of the helicopter simulator Robinson R22 / 44, conquered in 2016, the company can draw up its international expansion plans.

Founded by partners Luciano Zoppo and Adriano Oliveira, who have participated in international missions since 2007 – among them, two commissions composed by Tecnosinos and the Government of Rio Grande do Sul – the company aims to install the approved simulator in schools in the state of California, starting this year. To Luciano, the homologation is a recognition of the company’s work excellence. “The FAA confirmation motivates us and proves that we have the technical capacity to serve this market,” he affirms. According to him, breaking trade barriers is the next step to cross borders. “Our internationalization will happen independently or through acceleration projects. In any case, we are sure that we are ready for this new stage,” he concludes.

April 29, 2019