Valência - Sustainable Energy

The Valencia Energy Service Ltda aims to foment and expand clean and renewable energy market through development of photovoltaic solar systems projects for residential, commercial and industrial consumers. And in this way, meet the expectations of customers seeking safe, sustainable energy solutions focused on energy efficiency.

The Brazilian electrical sector is undergoing major changes with the advent of micro and distributed mini-generation, a market that demands qualified people and structured companies that absorb the growth of solar energy in Brazil, being this our main portfolio of projects.

Combining innovation with experience in electrical energy distribution and industrial maintenance, we also work in the area of energy efficiency with projects to reduce energy consumption, costs and improve production processes.

We are Valencia Energy.

Products and services:

Photovoltaic solar energy, energy efficiency and electrical projects in general.


Maurício Goulart de Menezes: ( (51) 999 177 051
Thiago Lemes de Sá: ( (51) 999 177 862

December 07, 2018
Valência - Sustainable Energy

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