V4 is a Marketing Advisory that improves and enhances your internet sales process. We have more than 1000 projects, 200 offices spread throughout Brazil and more than R $ 24 million invested in Digital Marketing. At V4, there is no conflict of interest. Our absolute focus is to generate results for our clients, they invest in media for their own remuneration.

V4 has certificates from Google, Analytics and Facebook. We invest in digital marketing through Web design, Landing pages, implementation of viral stores, Design and UX and Inbound Marketing. In addition, one of the fundamental methods improved by our company is engagement, by winning the audience and developing different strategies.

With an engaged audience you are able to turn your audience into sales. Thus, we collaborate with the following aspects: Offer development (Copywriting), CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), Omni-Channel sales control, programmatic and Inbound Marketing.

Finally, we need to find ways to keep the customer connected, so we invest in marketing email, remarketing, social media, CRM and member get member.

October 22, 2020

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Polo Tecnológico Av. Teodomiro Porto da Fonseca , 3101 Edifício Partec Green, 3º andar Cristo Rei, São Leopoldo (RS)

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