SOFTWARELAB - Unisinos & Fau & Siemens Healthneers

SOFTWARELAB is a Unisinos Center of Excellence in Software Development Innovation. It develops software products and services, often combined with sensors or mobile devices, in partnership with the industry. The main focus is related to the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Distributed Applications. Topics explored by SOFTWARELAB include Machine Learning, Cloud and Fog Computing, High Performance Computing, Semantic Modeling, Mobile and Ubiquitous Applications, Context Aware Applications, Sensors and Wearables, Natural Language Programming and applications in the Healthcare Area.

SOFTWARELAB was officially recognized as Unisinos’ center of excellence in 2016, after 10 years of work done by the team involved in developing applied research with the industry. This trajectory has recorded several successful cases, including more than 20 software and patent registrations, an interdisciplinary team and the involvement and training of more than 200 undergraduate, masters and doctoral level professionals.

The SOFTWARELAB head offices are located at Tecnosinos, in the Unitec 3 building. In this space, SOFTWARELAB has experimentation and applied research development rooms, including a simulated operating room.

February 03, 2020
SOFTWARELAB - Unisinos & Fau & Siemens Healthneers

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Av. Unisinos, 950 - Unitec 3 - Sala 106 e 108 - São Leopoldo/RS - Brasil

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