Sirtec Sistemas Elétricos

Sirtec Sistemas Elétricos was founded in 1989, in the city of São Borja/RS, by Darci Roberto Schneid. It is a company that operates in the construction and maintenance of electrical networks. It currently has operating units in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia, with over 1000 employees and about 460 vehicles.

Products and services

Sirtec performs the elaboration of projects, construction and maintenance of electrical networks, emergency care, cutting, reconnection and works and services for the use of electricity.

February 03, 2020
Sirtec Sistemas Elétricos

(55) 3431-3195

Avenida Unisinos, 950, Tecnosinos, Unitec III, sala 15 205, CEP 93020-190 - São Leopoldo/RS

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