Silo verde

Silo Verde is a company that is directly involved in two of the principal segments of the economy and all the pillars of society. In agriculture and livestock generating increased profitability , quality of life , ergonomics and practicality in the work of the field, to ensure food security by reducing the huge waste of food and economic losses , some of the main problems caused by the storage deficit , as well as other problems conditioned to it.

The second segment is the environment as important as the first , we generate significant environmental benefits by applying tons of PET bottles (raw material ), which would become waste polluting the environment for hundreds of years . But to use the product technology become a benefit for agriculture , society and the environment.

At the forefront of all this , thinking in efficiency, productivity and sustainability applied to the environment, agriculture and livestock, is Silo Green . We aim to industrialize family farms , small and medium farmers , generating increased income , and consequently improving the quality of work and life of farmers. Making sustainable storage of grain and feed available to all farmers and farmers in the state and country.

Products / Services:

Sustainable silos for grain storage (commodities ) and animal feed . sustainable storage systems, practical and less costly .

December 07, 2018
Silo verde

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