L7 Tecnologia Ltda

L7 Internet is part of L7 Tecnologia, which serves the corporate market with connectivity solutions, voice (with number portability), specialized technical support, security, datacenter and differentiated service. L7 Internet is a broadband internet provider, serving in the region of Vale dos Sinos and Greater Porto Alegre, serving the residential, corporate, condominiums and events markets.

Formed by professionals with more than 20 years in the internet and telecom market, they offer a quality and flexible service, revolutionizing the market and delivering the power of decision in the hands of their customers, who can change the plan or service at any time without any loyalty contract. In addition, it is an up-to-date company and provides its customers with the most modern resources related to connectivity, interactivity and customization.

L7 uses simple and objective language to communicate with its customers, which is one of our differentials in relation to the market.

Participate yourself too, come to L7 and make a revolution using the internet your way.

February 04, 2020
L7 Tecnologia Ltda

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Avenida Theodomiro Porto da Fonseca, 3101 - Ed. Partec Green / Sala 601 - Cristo Rei – São Leopoldo/RS - CEP: 93022-715

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