Biorefinery Sustainable Solutions

Biorefinery’s purpose is to develop R & D & I projects, in addition to consulting companies that work directly or indirectly with the use of biomass. The company aims at a sustainable world acting through biorefinery processes, with a portfolio that includes consulting services, project preparation, events, and technical training.

Biorefinery Sustainable Solutions is a company that prioritizes the society’s and the environment’s sustainable development, through ethical and professional conduct with its partners, customers, and employees. Our main values are:

Transparency – Being suitable and transparent in the relationship with customers, partners, and employees.

​Competence – Being able to design and execute sustainable and appropriate solutions for our clients and partners.

​Respect – Treat people and the environment with respect and honesty.

​Commitment – Maintain commitment to the company’s work, mission, vision, and values.

October 22, 2020
Biorefinery Sustainable Solutions

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