C.F.F. Development of Electronic Products Eireli

During the last 15 years of our operations we have taken pride in the pioneering spirit that has always been our trademark. We started out as a small reseller of multi-branded products, but after only a short period in the market we innovated by providing ready to deliver spare parts and specialized manpower for instrument maintenance (which did not exist in the market at the time). Soon after we started to import products of excellent cost/benefit that did not exist in Brazil (always respecting all NR’s and NHO’s). But it was in 2014 as we celebrated 10-year anniversary that we broke all the paradigms and started to develop and manufacture instruments at an international level. Today only 5 years later, we have the most complete line of Occupational Safety equipment in the market, as well as distributors throughout Brazil and the main countries of Latin America.
In addition to this, we strive to maintain the best prices in the market for top quality products, always ready for delivery as well as our exclusive 1 year warranty.



February 03, 2020
C.F.F. Development of Electronic Products Eireli

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