See what some personalities think about the Tecnosinos

Ronaldo Ribas

Mayor of São Leopoldo at the time of foundation

“Our IT Hub was the greatest undertaking in São Leopoldo in the last 100 years.... It was a joint enterprise between business leaders, the public sector and the university... And in the end everyone benefited.”

Aloysio Bohnen

Rector of Unisinos at the time of foundation

"After traveling to France and Portugal, visiting Tecnopolis, I returned with enthusiasm to what I saw outside, and today I am happy to have in our city the Technological Park number one in Brazil and our Incubator to be recognized as the best in the World."

Siegried Koelln

Director of SKA and representative of the founding companies

"It took numerous, exhaustive meetings to create this environment, where the development of high-tech companies is encouraged, with all that this means for the participants and for the local community.”