UNITEC graduates companies 1Bem, SiloVerde and Brabov

With an average duration of three years, the program articulates actions for project development and allows companies to do business among themselves, boosting their results’ reach

Having an expert assistance is critical to any startup growth. In this sense, incubation at UNITEC is an unmissable opportunity for technology-based projects, that are initially evaluated considering aspects related to innovation, team and market. With an average duration of three years, the program includes consultancies specialized in entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, capital and management. In addition, it also includes individual mentoring, workshops, access to infrastructure and laboratories, participation in all the incubator’s events and partners’ events to promote visibility, as well as other benefits offered by UNITEC’s partnerships. Those who have gone through the process, such as the recently graduated companies 1Bem, Brabov and SiloVerde, ensures that the incubation transforms ideas into business.

According to the CEO of 1Bem, Bernardo Krebs, a company that stimulates financial support for social causes through collective financing campaigns, providing unique experiences between fans and idols, the cycle consolidated the startup business model. “We have been able to understand entrepreneurship from the legal aspect to the operational complexity involved in technology-based companies. The coexistence with other businesses has made us grow not just as a company, but as entrepreneurs and people” he points out. For Brabov CEO, Matheus Zeuch, a company that develops solutions to make livestock more efficient and sustainable, the virtual incubation program has met the team’s needs. “Our participation made possible an important networking, many opening doors and opportunities, such as our participation in Expointer, at the invitation of Sebrae,” he emphasized. As for CEO of Silo Verde, Manolo Machado, the conquest can be related to a rite of passage. “We are happy to celebrate this phase because we understand that it was through the maturation of our business and our acquired experiences that we could reach our graduation. We just have to thank UNITEC for all opportunities it provides us” he concludes.

April 29, 2019