GreenTech Park

In its second phase, the goal of the GreenTech Park Program was to raise awareness and encourage sustainability among the companies that make up the TECNOSINOS Science Park It did this by offering a process of analytical review, followed by customer-lead planning, in order to help every organization to improve its environmental performance according to the objectives and goals it wants to achieve, as well as encouraging environmental activity and adding value to the business.


The program is voluntary and free for participating companies. It has its own methodology that can be replicated by those taking part. The measures and criteria are based on sustainability, the company’s scale and its business environment; always bearing in mind the level of entrepreneurship and the maturity of the participating organization. It also conforms to certification standards, such as ISO14001, CERNE and Environmental Management Systems (SGA), which are already well established in the Park and in Unisinos, and considers the relevant environmental, business economics and social aspects (in the area of sustainability).


What the program does in practice is to assess a company’s compliance with legislation and environment management systems, along with more specific aspects: good practice in respect of sustainability (waste reduction, energy/water saving, optimization, etc.), continuous improvement, activities benefitting society, interaction with customers and the community, ethical policies and so on.


More than 50 companies and startups from the complex have currently signed up to the GreenTech Park program and been awarded an “Organization Ecoseal” at either level Silver, Gold or Platinum. This demonstrates that each of them is contributing, as an organization, to reducing the environmental impact of its products and to be transparent about that impact and it is environmentally and socially responsible.



  • Generates new marketing opportunities and makes them more competitive: Consumers generally prefer ecologically sound products. The market rewards organizations that are environmentally conscious.
  • Investment opportunities: Financial institutions, investors and insurers all take account of environmental performance.
  • Costs reduced: Reducing waste and ensuring overheads are intelligently managed, leads to an overall reduction in cost.
  • Continuous Improvement: the program provides guidance, tailored to suit the level of compliance that your company has already achieved, in meeting environmental standards.
  • Attract talent: more and more people prefer to work in companies that are environmentally conscious.
  • Disclosure and Positioning: Companies that provide more information about their environmental performance tend to have better relationships with investors, suppliers and consumers.


  1. Who can take part in the program?

The program is available to all companies based in the Tecnosinos Science Park. It is aimed principally at those companies that wish to establish environmentally friendly practices and culture.

  1. How much does it cost?

The program cost is zero. All that is required is that the recommendations on environmental good practices are adopted by the company.

  1. How does it work?

The company completes an online assessment, based on a number of measures of sustainability. Once the online assessment is complete, the company will receive a report, outlining the recommended good practices necessary to keep up or improve their environmental performance and they receive an “Organization Ecoseal”, reflecting their current level – either Silver, Gold or Platinum.

  1. How to join?

Any company interested, should contact Unitec and provide them with a point of contact. They will be sent instructions on how to complete the assessment and draw up their improvement plan, based on the tailored recommendations.