Founded in 2014 after partners Marcio Acorci and Daniel Tamiosso go through the experience of marriage, Wedy has emerged as a solution for couples from all over Brazil who dream of making the perfect wedding without stress and in an easier way. For this, it offers online solutions for wedding organization, financial planning, guest list with RSVP, list of real gifts and cash, search of suppliers and of course the wedding site with beautiful layout and very easy of the bride and groom customize. With unique service in the market, Wedy has the Bridegroom Enchanters, who are experts in marriage who take doubts and accompany the users in their journeys, leaving the experience truly unforgettable.

Products / Services:

– Complete planning for the wedding with suggestion of the main tasks and control of budgets and expenses.
– A beautiful and complete website for the bride and groom who does not leave the air for you to save and share this remembrance after the ceremony.
– Lists of gifts integrated with the largest ecommerces in Brazil.
– Creation of virtual gifts in partnership with PagSeguro.
– Enchanting bride and groom to get all your doubts about.
– VIP and personalized service with the Groomsmen.
– RSVP service to delight your guests.

December 11, 2018

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