VITAL – facilitating the preservation of life

The VITAL Chemicals Ltd. aims to supply raw material for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Born to make a difference in the Brazilian health scenario, VITAL is producing lactobionic acid – the main component of the organ Conservation liquids for transplants. With innovative method and globally recognized technology, VITAL is a young company concerned with the reality of organ transplant system in Brazil.

In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, VITAL also provides lactobionic acid and derivatives for the Cosmetics Industry. The compound is used in several formulations of cosmetic anti-aging, anti-acne and sunscreens.

Products / Services:
Lactobionic acid and derivatives. Obtained by its own method, registered and recognized by the American Chemical Society, Medical Valley, UNESCO, Vilage Patents and Trademarks, among others.

Juliana Hoch: / +55 51 9974 2472
Eduardo Rodrigues: +55 51 9612 9870

December 07, 2018

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