Stras & Weiler Prosthetic Solutions

Stras & Weiler Soluções Protéticas is a company that emerged from the identification of the dependence of the Brazilian market of imported products for orthopedic protection. Utilizing advanced engineering, new materials and innovative 100% national technology, we have developed products that provide the full rehabilitation of amputees. The design of our products is totally inspired by biomechanical and ergonomic analysis of the behavior of the walking human foot, ensuring that the user has a smoother and more natural walking, with safety, comfort and a competitive and fair price.


Mechanical foot orthopedic prosthesis (REVO FOOT) and knee prosthesis (REVO KNEE).


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Phones: (51) 8148-7572 / (51) 9871-2061

December 07, 2018
Stras & Weiler Prosthetic Solutions

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Av. Theodomiro Porto da Fonseca, 3199. UNITEC II - Sala 21 - São Leopoldo - RS

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