H2H Hub Virtual

H2H Hub Virtual Ltda. is a company that seeks to connect people, knowledge and resources, to make dreams come true, based on differentiated experiential methodologies, providing creative and unexpected spaces.

The company rises from the three partners’ experience – Ale Pereira, Bel Santos and Vane Batisti – as professor, consultants and mentors on the Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation area.

H2Hub works as support, capacitation, advising, coaching, mentoring, among others, for people that would like to endeavor and do not know where to start, besides startups and companies searching new business models, innovation, entrepreneurial orientation, etc.

Products / Services
Entrepreneurial Education
Model Cycle and New Business Mentoring
Coaching and mentoring
Windows Live space

December 10, 2018
H2H Hub Virtual

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Av. Unisinos, 950 - Tecnosinos - Unitec 1 - Sala 225 - São Leopoldo, RS

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