1Bem encourages financial support for social causes through collective funding campaigns that offer unique experiences among fans and idols.

Did you know that more than half the Brazilian population does not support social causes? Many people believe that responsibility is only the government, or do not trust the entities that ask for support. As we believe in the power of each Brazilian, we will promote actions and monitor the development of all the improvements and the dreams that we will bring together.

We have developed collective financing campaigns that connect idols with fans and support social causes in Brazil. Any user registered in 1Bem can participate in the campaigns from the minimum donation of R $ 5.00. Each $ 1 donated represents one ticket for a single celebrity gift draw. To support our mission, 12% of the funds raised will be allocated to the operation of all sectors of the company, while 88% of the volume collected in each campaign will be used to enable the award and directly support the causes. All the enhancements to the donation of each action will be monitored and disseminated by 1Bem, on the website and on social networks, so that all supporters know exactly how many people’s dreams are being fulfilled. In addition, there will be complete and open accountability on our site.

Let’s do good together!

December 11, 2018



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